At AustraLaw we believe firmly in the importance of engineering projects. They solve big problems, improve the welfare of the community, and they’re just plain interesting.

Delivering projects on time and on budget is always a challenge, and few things threaten the budget and the schedule like legal disputes.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you minimise disputes, and short circuit them when they happen. With quality advice and planning, legal disputes can be managed strategically like any other risk on a project.

With AustraLaw you will have the benefit of dealing with lawyer who is also a trained mechatronics engineer and project manager. We speak your language and understand your priorities.

Sound decision-making starts with a proper understanding of your position and your options. We help you read between the lines, weigh the risks, and find the critical path to the end of a dispute.

Engineers are often unaware that they rights outside the contract, let alone the procedures that are needed to access those rights.

AustraLaw can assist at all stages of the project life cycle. From drafting and negotiating terms, to managing variations, payment claims, and resolving disputes.

AustraLaw can provide advice and assistance as needed to engineers and contract administrators, to support you in keeping your projects on track for successful completion.

Disputes can multiply the cost of a project, and turn it into a loss-making exercise. AustraLaw can help prevent this by:

  1. Providing strategic advice to put you in strong position to deal effectively with disputes before they arise;
  2. Providing thorough, practical, plain English advice on your risks, rights and procedures under the contact;
  3. Mitigating risks by negotiating special conditions and amendments;
  4. Providing whole of life cycle support to ensure that variations and negotiations are managed effectively;
  5. Claim preparation (e.g. Security of Payment claims);
  6. Early resolution of disputes by negotiation;

AustraLaw will let you know where you stand, what you can challenge, and provide effective and efficient representation to make it happen.

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