How we charge

At AustraLaw we believe that engaging a lawyer should be simple, not complicated. Lawyers need to be flexible to the needs of their clients – to fix problems, resolve disputes, and provide strategic advice and legal documents that help your business run smoothly.

We understand that you need to be able to move quickly and adapt to the daily demands of business. You also need to know your costs in advance so that you can effectively budget for them and manage your cash flow.

We also know that prevention is cheaper than cure. Having effective legal support on hand to resolve problems early will save you a lot of time and stress.

That’s why we’ve created flexible legal support packages that adapt to your needs and give you control over your legal spend.

Legal Support Packages

Our two main packages are:

(1) Legal Support Services (Retainer) + Litigation Services (Option)

This package allows you to spread the cost of legal support over the long term. No more sudden spikes in your operating costs when you need legal support. Instead, a retainer works like a subscription, providing access to legal support when you need it for a flat monthly fee.

Legal Support Services includes our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service, to help you resolve payment disputes without the hassle of going to court. And should you need to litigate a dispute you can engage the Litigation Services option. Litigation work is provided on a time-charging basis, however, we will always endeavour to take the critical path to the best outcome for you in any litigated matter.

(2) Legal Support Services (Fixed Fee) + Litigation Services (Option)

This package allows you to engage us for individual Legal Support Services from time to time as you need them. While it doesn’t enable you to spread the cost like the retainer package, it does give you complete control over your legal spend.

The fixed fee package can be an attractive option if you need your terms & conditions updated and you’d like to take us for a spin before signing up for the retainer package.

Just like the retainer package, this also comes with the Litigation Services option. This means that if you’ve engaged us to assist in a payment dispute, and it becomes necessary to litigate, just engage the Litigation Services option.

Of course, if you’ve just been served with a statement of claim and need representation, you’re free to sign up for Litigation Services only.

How it works

You can engage us in three easy steps:

  1. We conduct a free consultation with you to estimate the level of legal support that you need, and to gain a more thorough understanding of your business.
  2. We provide you with a fee agreement setting out the fixed fee or monthly retainer rate for the legal support you require.
  3. We get to work.

Contact AustraLaw today and find out how we can help you.